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What is our issue with Catholicism? After all, the Catholic Church is the largest in the world, and they've been known to be hisorically kind to everyone that they meet, even those that don't agree with them. They describe themselves as fun, wholesome, loving people who just spread positivity everywhere.

For starters, I don't appreciate people trying to force their lifestyle on to me. I don't want somebody coming up to my door with a piece of paper in their hand saying how to live their lifestyle. I don't agree with seeing crosses everywhere, I don't agree with seeing people pray on the streets, and I don't agree with people trying to force their lifestyle into my government. If you want to pray, you should keep that inside. I don't want you to subject my children to your harmful lifestyle. Plus, if my children see you praying, all of a sudden, they'll start to pray, and I don't want them to do that. I don't think it's healthy for my children to get on their hands and knees, and ask a being that doesn't exist to fix their own problems. After all, if they have issues, they should just pull themselves up by their bootstraps and figure it out themselves, right?

Secondly, thee's some real dangers to being a Catholic. Priests have been known to rape children for decades, if not centuries. Sexual abuse is a very common thing in the Catholic church, and I don't want my children being raped, especially by a person who's supposed to "save" them. If accepting the possibility your child will be raped by someone in an authoritative position is what it takes to be a Catholic, it's not for me. Want examples? Take a Catholic Diocese in Orange County facing 90 cases of sexual assault charges, a payout to almost 500 people abused in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, a payout to 105 people who faced abuse by Catholic dioseses in New Jersey, and a payout to 208 people who faced abuse by a diocese in Philadelphia. A study was published in 2004, identifying 6,700 unique accusations of sexual assault against priests from 1950 to 2002.

And lastly, while Catholicism preaches love and compassion, I hardly see any from most of them. Catholics are some of the least caring people I've met. Abusing your child for mistakes isn't "love and compassion", it's abuse. Kicking your child out for being gay or transgender isn't "love and compassion", it's abuse. Yelling at homeless people to get a job isn't "love and compassion", it's being an asshole. Supporting legislation that takes control of women's bodies away from them isn't "saving children", you're just making sure women are forced to go through with a pregnancy that might end up killing them in the end.

You're probably reading this and thinking "wow, you're bigoted against Catholics. You know we're facing oppression, right?" That is if you even got this far, you probably closed the page the second this white background flashed up on your screen. You act like you're part of the most oppressed group of people, yet you strive to take away the rights of those who are *actually* marginalized. From someone whose friends are facing actual oppression: shut the fuck up. You don't know what actual oppression feels like, because you haven't experienced it. Someone wanting equal rights isn't oppression, it's equality.

If you're going to preach love, compassion, care, and respect, actually show some. Instead of yelling at homeless people on the street, understand the issues they face, and the systemic barriers that keep them on the streets. Instead of disowning queer children, understand their needs and desires. Instead of going after issues that don't exist, target the ones that do, like income inequality, systemic racism, homelessness, and the unaffordability of housing.

Either practice what you preach, or don't preach at all.

"We don't hate you, just your lifestyle."

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